Estate Planning is too often practiced within a very narrow framework and, consequently, achieves only limited success in accomplishing the client’s goals and objectives. Legacy Law Associates doesn’t allow itself to be bound by traditional thinking. Our planning process identifies the Windows of Opportunity that present themselves as we learn about our clients, their family and the wealth they have successfully created. We are continually working to stay on the cutting edge of estate planning creativity, thinking beyond the ordinary and opening . . .

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Having successfully accumulated an estate that comfortably provides for your lifestyle you may not want to consider the possibility of an event that can jeopardize your financial security. Things happen that were not anticipated with insurance often being inadequate or unavailable. Protection is not something that you seek after the threat appears.Our Firm believes that creditor protection should be an integral part of your planning. We do not encourage or participate in the avoidance of legitimate debt. But the effective and timely use of protection planning allows your security to remain secure and creates opportunity for successful resolution of problems if you are threatened. . . .

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At death a significant portion of your family wealth must be relinquished to support the general welfare of our Country, what we call your Social Capital. Although you may not see yourself as a philanthropist, paying estate taxes causes you to participate in Involuntary Philanthropy. There are, however, opportunities to purposefully plan otherwise. Many of the affluent families of our Country have paid little or no estate taxes as their wealth has passed from generation to generation. Estate taxes are not mandatory but are collected from those who fail to plan. With creative planning you can reorganize your family wealth and simply “opt out” of paying all your Social Capital to the IRS in taxes. By exercising this option you can take advantage of the opportunities to transfer your family wealth to your children and grandchildren. The family wealth leverage achieved is both incredibly powerful and extremely satisfying..


For may people, their children are the primary objects of their bounty. Unfortunately, very few parents take the time to seriously consider and effectively plan for how to best transfer their family wealth to their heirs so as to bless them and not ruin them. Our Firm can help you decide from the multiple possibilities how to appropriately structure the distribution of your family wealth to do the greatest good for those you love. We challenge the traditional thinking of outright inheritances. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities to protect inheritances from the predators and creditors our family may encounter. Sometimes, our children are their own worst enemy, living for today and failing to plan for tomorrow. In those instances, inheritances can be structured to fund their retirement, a legacy they will appreciate later.


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Most wealthy Americans have not typically made philanthropy a major part of their lives for one of three main reasons. Many do not consider themselves wealthy enough to give a major portion of their wealth away to charity. Others are not interested in reducing their current lifestyle. Most frequently, they do not want to diminish their children’s inheritances. Fortunately, Congress has provided significant planning opportunities to provide for charitable giving. Properly structured, the tax benefits alone can produce increased cash flow for our clients, create diversification opportunities, reduce income and estate taxes and greatly enhance the children’s inheritances. In fact, your family can actually profit by giving it away. The charitable giving can then be channeled into your favorite endowments or used to create your family foundation, a memorable legacy you leave behind.


Clients often have a perception that estate planning is only about wills and trusts, signing some documents that hopefully will care for their family. Even beginning the process is frequently postponed because the Clients do not have answers to their questions of what to do or how to do it. We see our role as more than just scriveners, drafting the documents as the clients instruct. Our clients do not need answers, they need alternatives to insure wise choices. As counselors, we are able to expand our clients thinking, thinking outside the box of traditional methods and solutions. Opening the Windows of Opportunity we guide our clients in building a legacy of significance and lasting impact. Legacies that matter. We invite you to join us in Building Your Family Legacy.