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Your Roadmap to Estate Planning with Trusts

Estate planning involves deciding who will inherit your assets, care for your loved ones, and carry on your legacy. Having a trust as part of your estate plan offers a range of advantages that alleviate concerns about the future. These legal documents provide peace of mind by safeguarding your assets and distributing them according to your wishes. There is a

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Estate Planning: A Reflection of Life’s Journey

In the ever-evolving journey of life, change is the only constant. Like the changing seasons, your personal and financial circumstances shift significantly over time. Consequently, estate planning is more than just a one-and-done affair. It must keep pace with your life through reviews and revisions that reflect your current situation and goals. At Legacy Law Associates, we are committed to

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Digital Assets

What happens to our digital assets upon our death or disability? Is it valuable to us? Do others we trust have access to it? What should we be doing to protect and preserve it for our family? As our use of on-line resources and their value to us increase, it becomes even more important to plan for the possibility of

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Estate Planning – thinking about long term care and Medicaid

Estate Planning isn’t just about “later” - It’s not just an Emergency Plan for your Loved Ones after your death. What about “NOW”? What provisions and instructions and protections have you included in the event of your disability? Who should have authority to act on your behalf? What should they do? What are your instructions ? Do you have a

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2018 Gift Exclusion Update

The annual Federal Gift exclusion has been increased for 2018 to $15,000 for an individual and $30,000 for a married couple who split gifts. For lifetime gifts, the amount has now increased to $11,200,000 cumulatively per person and $22,400,000 for married couples. These same amounts apply to transfers at death but the surviving spouse does not automatically receive any of

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What is a durable power of attorney?

A durable power of attorney is a potent document that is used in estate planning to assist you your needs and goals. Generally, you, the “principal”, creates the durable power of attorney by appointing an “agent” (also called an “attorney-in-fact”) that has the authority to make legal decisions. It is incredibly important to pick an agent that is reliable and

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