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Many of our clients have businesses and business partners. Others may own real estate investments that are not full time businesses. The corporate structure of these interests and the internal agreements with partners and employees are an important consideration for good planning. The selection and taxation of entities may affect not just profitability but protection of your valuable investment, your livelihood, you retirement and the legacies you leave behind.

We help clients make the critical decisions on selecting and establishing the right type of business entity and understanding its tax implications. Our expertise can advise partners on defining their relationship in operating and buy sell agreements. We design business succession planning for families to identify and achieve the goals of both the parents and the children. It is not just about the operation of a business and the money it makes. It must include what happens to that business as life changes around us, whether that is success or failure, disability or death.

Call us to help with your corporate and business needs. We can provide the counseling you need to make wise business and planning decisions.