We do Estate Planning with our clients. Estate Planning provides the instructions you need to have if you fall down and someone else has to pick up and carry on. That may be a result of your death but must anticipate the possibility of your disability as well. Estate Planning is more than just a will or trust. Wills and trusts are important but wills and trusts are only part of the instructions needed. A Will or a Trust is a legal instruction that authorizes someone to act and creates a framework within which to act. Estate Planning must include the legal formal documents such as a will or trust but should not stop there. Estate Planning has to answer the many other questions your family will have. What do you have, where is it located, who should be called, health care preferences and may other questions must be answered if you want to plan well for your family. Think of an Estate Plan as a “Hurricane Preparedness Plan”. Don’t wait to do Estate Planning until the storm is upon you. Then Estate Planning could be too late. Care enough for your family to plan well.