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Real Estate

Buying, selling, mortgaging and owning real estate usually involves a significant investment. Sometimes the home in which we live is our most valuable asset. Whatever you are interested in doing regarding real property, how important is it to you to insure your interest is protected and the transaction is handled properly? Do realtors or title companies have your best interest at heart. In today’s marketplace, it really is a buyer or seller beware. Do not assume someone is looking out for you. Our job as your attorney is to insure you are properly advised, aware of issues and choices and help you move to a successful closing. Be sure to call us before you sign the contract to buy or sell. Our job of protection and counseling begins with the contract and there are many things in it that can work to your disadvantage.

It is also important how real property is owned. Title can be held in different ways and each has a legal consequence. Real property can be arranged to pass to children easily upon your death without compromising protection and flexibility. We can explain your choices with the pros and cons of each. Let us help you find what fits you and your family best.

What is peace of mind worth? Call us today for your real estate needs. We can help protect your valuable investment and insure it is done correctly.