Digital Assets

What happens to our digital assets upon our death or disability? Is it valuable to us? Do others we trust have access to it? What should we be doing to protect and preserve it for our family?

As our use of on-line resources and their value to us increase, it becomes even more important to plan for the possibility of our disability or certainty of our death and the impact it will have on those assets. Who has authority to receive that information or asset other than you? We use the internet to post, share and store information and often to buy, hold and sell digital assets. Frequently, the on-line custodian of those assets may provide a tool to allow access to or disclose some or all of a user’s digital assets to a designated recipient.  If a tool is not available or not used, the user can provide written authority to an Agent either in the form of a power of attorney or Will. What have you done to protect your digital assets?  We can help.


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