Estate Planning – thinking about long term care and Medicaid

Estate Planning isn’t just about “later” – It’s not just an Emergency Plan for your Loved Ones after your death.

What about “NOW”? What provisions and instructions and protections have you included in the event of your disability?

Who should have authority to act on your behalf? What should they do? What are your instructions ?

Do you have a Will or a Trust? Is it up to date? What about those other important planning tools? Durable Power of Attorney? Living Will? Health Care Surrogate Designation?

Have long term care issues and costs been considered and addressed?

Do you know the facts about Medicaid Eligibility?

If your spouse, parent or other loved one requires care in an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility, using your “common sense” approach to Medicaid eligibility will cost months of avoidable expense.  It is much easier to go wrong than to guess right!   Medicaid rules and regulations in Florida have radically changed in recent years.  Now it’s possible to innocently make even more expensive mistakes!


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